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PAYGP Is Partner With Armor Print Solutions

An Industrial Leader for a Sustainable World

Independent printer manufacturer Armor Print Solutions designs, manufactures, and distributes re-manufactured print cartridges

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How the PAYGP, Armor and ESR Partnership began

Our partner Armor achieved a turnover of 265M €, of which 60M €, was toners in 2020.

Armor has always invested in research and development and in its production facilities to guarantee, certify and prove the performance of its print solutions. As an expert in the three main technologies – new inkjet, re-manufactured inkjet and re-manufactured laser – Armor Print Solutions has carved out a market leading position covering 95% of the printers in the European and UK markets.

Uncompromising manufacturing quality

Quality is the primary focus throughout the product lifecycle – from design through to production and end-of-life processing. Armor factories are all ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. Quality is the foundation of the R&D process.

Cartridge specifications are based on a set of international standards covering the re-manufacturing process, and on product standards and certifications which guarantee not only the performance of our cartridges, at least identical to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), but also respect for the environment and the health of the end user. Before the process begins, Armor selects and analyses the key components using cutting-edge equipment to assess them in compliance with existing regulations.

Providing Europe-wide coverage, Armor Print Solutions has a presence throughout Western Europe with sales offices in all major countries.

Armor’s Head Office is based in Nantes, France and they operate 28 manufacturing and distribution sites with over 2000 employees.

Did you know

For the past

10 years

Armor has been publishing its annual CSR report to highlight progress achieved in six main areas inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Armor Print Solutions

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that CSR and sustainability are priorities for companies and Armor is head and shoulders above their competitors in this area.

Armor issues an extremely comprehensive annual CSR report for their global locations. The CSR report not only reports on Armor’s performance over the previous year, but also sets goals and objectives for the coming year to achieve continuous improvement.

Partnership Accreditations

ecologic accredited
Ademe accredited
ISO 14001 accredited
esatco accredited