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Environmentally Responsible

Do you know that only 30 to 40% of used cartridges are treated properly?

We provide you with printer toner as part of our standard service, but do know what to do with your empty cartridges?

The ESR collection service demonstrates our commitment to providing a circular economy of collection, sorting, recycling and re-manufacturing. We guarantee that, after your laser cartridges have been returned, all reusable components are sorted, cleaned and reused ready to enter a new cartridge production cycle. The objective is to minimise the use of virgin raw materials in favour of reusing and upcycling materials. In 2019, Armor preserved 3,701 tons of resources as a result of this process (3,435 tons in 2018).

Instead of considering your cartridges as waste, we give them value again.

Through collecting empty cartridges, ESR helps to reduce landfill or burial of waste through recycling. It encourages reuse and helps to protect the environment through responsible and organised management.

Since August 2018, print cartridges are considered as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), so cartridges must be collected and treated in accordance with regulations.

Did you know

Only 15% of the

65 million

Printer cartridges sold in the United Kingdom are recycled meaning the remaining 85% end up in landfill sites

Reduce your Environmental impact

Collection box delivery and removal

To arrange collection of inkjet and laser cartridges simply register online for a free account. Your login and password will be sent to you by email. Once your account is set up, you can access your personal collection portal, where you will find:

• Your company’s collection points
• Your collection report
• Your requests for collection box delivery
• Your requests for removal of full collection boxes
• Plus other features

ESR will supply you with reinforced custom boxes to collect and store your used inkjet or laser cartridges. Just place the boxes near to your printers or at a central collection point.

Once your box is full (between 15 and 20 laser cartridges for a maximum of 20kg or about 100 inkjet cartridges minimum depending on the size of the box chosen), you can request collection via your online account. ESR will collect the boxes from your address within 24 to 72 hours.